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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial landlords tired of excessive billings from unknown, big firm associates producing form lease agreements, and those requiring an experienced, sophisticated, no nonsense, efficient attorney to help conclude a lease negotiation, have come to Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully, LLC to get the job done.

Whether you are a regional, multi-unit retailer looking for a local attorney to review a lease agreement or first-time commercial tenant who appreciates the benefits of having proposed lease terms reviewed by competent counsel before signing away material commercial rights, Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully can satisfy your goals.

Our real estate professionals have significant experience negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements for clients ranging from large commercial developers to mid-sized New Jersey based shopping center developers, to tenants of all types and sizes.

The attorneys of Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully, LLC all have experience in the representation of landlords and tenants in the process of negotiating, drafting, and consummating commercial lease agreements. They have also represented buyers and sellers in numerous commercial real estate transactions, from the outset of letter of intent negotiations, to the preparation of sale agreements, through the due diligence process, and during the closing of the transaction.

Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully's real estate attorneys also have substantial landlord-tenant eviction experience, and are available to represent the interests of either a commercial landlord or tenant in summary dispossess or monetary collection actions. To the extent the relief being sought involves more than mere possession of the subject premises, the attorneys at Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully, LLC are also available to represent your interests as either plaintiff or defendant.