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Family Law

The most satisfactory resolutions to family law issues, in many cases, can be achieved without the need for significant court involvement. Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully, LLC, lead by Mary Ellen Tully, Esq., represents individuals in divorce and family law cases in the Northern New Jersey area.

Ms. Tully encourages parties with family law issues to consider trying to resolve their conflicts first without litigation, through the use of other means when feasible, including direct party-to-party negotiations or mediation, and encourages prospective clients to seek family counseling. She is eager to help her clients find the most practical and pragmatic long-term solutions to their particular problems and strives to reduce the areas of conflict finding that the most rewarding outcomes for her clients preclude the need for lengthy, costly, and risky litigation. Ms. Tully would rather assist more clients in resolving their cases creativly and efficiently than work with fewer clients who are locked in endless litigation. She has the determination, wisdom, and moral fortitude to search for creative ways to end senseless acrimony and reduce conflict between parties.

Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully has developed a particular niche in the intersection of divorce law and bankruptcy law. Recently, changes in the bankruptcy code have produced another great legal gridlock. With the increase in individual bankruptcies, the high incidence of divorces, and the frequency with which recently-divorced individuals file for bankruptcy, bankruptcy courts have struggled to reconcile the tension between the "fresh start" policy inherent in bankruptcy to relieve the honest debtor of his debts with the divorced debtor's obligation to a former spouse and dependent children. Whether the venue is divorce court or bankruptcy court, Rabinowitz, Lubetkin & Tully is equally adept in both arenas.

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